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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

to all reader

hye, don't be stress ok.. cheer up your life with something..handle your life success. some times there is a problem in our life but its depend on how we handle it and decide what to do and what to be. stress in our life is around thus we cant escape it..my advice is just face it and solve it with calm and sound mind. don't be emotional in handling problem.

stay calm and make yourself relax..that is the key for stress..
but!!!how to make it rite..
this up on how you handle your problem with constructive manner(good manner).
when you stress on something maybe because too much work to be done and problem to solve. thus try move your focus on something that makes you happy..

for me i like too see funny video..
read comic..
watching movie with friends..
talks to animal..
play football..
play video game..
so anything that makes you smile and release your stress..
sometimes i go for traveling..
so what is yours...